8 Must Haves for Rustic Industrial Junkies

Our company, Little Wooden Penguin, has fallen in love with the rustic industrial revolution. We didn't even know it was a thing when we first started designing but were intuitively drawn to the combination of warm, unique wood and strong, unyielding metal - and as it turns out, so are a lot of people! 

Our company tends to focus on various tables, and a lot of our clients then ask, “How do I decorate around this?” So to help the novice designers out there we put together a few rustic industrial “must haves” from some of our favorite virtual shops.

* Must Haves for Rustic Industrial Junkies

You will notice that most of these shops are pretty small, and that is no accident. To get authentic rustic industrial furniture and décor, you should look to these guys. They know how to find that perfect piece of wood that can take a design to the next level.   

Let’s start with some tables. I like to find one or two large pieces that I can build the rest of my decor around.

1. Wooden Whale Workshop in Pittsburgh, PA blew my socks off with their Rustic Industrial Dining Table. 

Wooden Whale Workshop


For only $600 you can get a handmade 6-person table built with reclaimed barn wood. Don't tell them, but that is a steal! I am also a big fan of the metal dining chairs. 

2. The Little Wooden Penguin Company in Plano, TX makes a fantastic industrial coffee table! 

Ok fine, it's a shameless plug for our table - but seriously, it won't break the bank - and adds a ton of character to your room. Did we mention it is only $315, and it ships free! 

Let's move on to lighting! 

3. Farmstead Ironworks is an Etsy shop that makes stunning chandeliers.  

Industrial Chandelier

This one will run you about $349 - and as someone who works with industrial lighting, it is worth every penny! 

4. Vintage IronWorks is also an Etsy shop. They make light orbs out of old wine barrel rings. AMAZING!

Light Orb

These orbs can range from $550 - $650 each, but placed in the right setting; you hardly need any other decor! 

Thanks to Joanna Gaines, floating shelves are all the rage right now. 

5. J. Block Designs added industrial pipe fittings to support the shelf and give it more character.  

Floating Shelf

For only $175 you get a very solid shelf that can support some weight and look like a piece of art on your wall. 

Now for the fun part...ACCESSORIES

6. DunnRusticDesigns makes and adorable rustic industrial tray. 

Rusic Industrial Tray

It is $90 but can be used for everything from serving to display!

7. Jessica Reiss Photography has some stunning industrial prints that you can either frame or print to a canvas. 

Industrial Prints

Prices start at $63 depending on the size, and her photos add that pop of color to accentuate your decor.

8. Pipe and Wood Designs makes cool industrial decorative ladders and are an excellent way to display blankets or towels.

Industrial decorative ladder

Ladders range from $60 - $90 and make you look like a decorating pro! 

For more look books and decorating tips sign up here! 

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