Are You Rustic Industrial?


If you are struggling with finding your own style, Rustic Industrial may just be the perfect fit for you. It is clean, natural and one piece instantly quadruples the character of your home. 

What is Rustic Industrial?

Rustic Industrial design is about merging organic textures and materials with strong industrial framework. This marriage creates a natural warmth that still feels young and fresh and makes your home or office the envy of all your friends.


Why do we love it?

Rustic Industrial design allows us all to be original, which can be really hard when it comes to home design. I know I used to struggle with it, then I fell into Rustic Industrial. You can look for inspiration everywhere, but you don’t have to worry about being a total copycat because everything is so directly unrepeatable.

We make a lot of rustic industrial decor and even if we follow the exact same pattern - no two items will ever look exactly the same. No grain of wood will take the stain the same way and the individual flaws in the wood can't be predicted or replicated. And let's be honest, the flaws are the best part! It is what makes us unique as people and we can translate that uniqueness to your home with this type of design.

What's fun about rustic industrial vs. just straight rustic is that we can predict what the steel elements will do, which gives us greater control over the final product, but still deliver a one-of-a-kind piece!

Where do you start?

Start slowly, maybe with a lamp or a coffee table and then let it build into a full fledged design feature in your home. Find items that make you say, “Oh, that’s so cool!” Before you know it - your friends will be saying, “Wow, your house is so cool!”


Thanks for checking us out! You now get 15% off our Rustic Industrial Collection now through Mother’s Day!


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